Keep your risks in view.

Identify risks early and take advantage of opportunities: R2C_risk to chance.

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Manage your internal controls efficiently.

Systematic planning and optimization of internal controls: R2C_ICS.

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Monitor critical events easily.

Recording and analyzing complaints and critical Events: R2C_CIRS & Complaints.

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Your experts in risk management

Schleupen AG has been a reliable and innovative partner for IT solutions for over 40 years. With our focus on configurable standard solutions for risk management, energy and water utility industries, enterprise content management and IT services, more than 2000 clients are on our reference list. In the field of IT-supported risk management we feature among one of the leading service providers with extensive knowledge of processes in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

With the R2C_product line we provide standard solutions for risk management, internal control systems and complaint reporting systems. More than 400 nationally and internationally successful companies from a wide variety of industries are now successfully employing our software solutions. This ever-growing client base ensures that new requirements are continually incorporated into the products. In this respect, our clients can rest assured that the IT solutions they use will be available and its quality will improve continually in the long term.

Details of our software solutions, our references, success stories and further information on these topics can be found on these pages.

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